Marina Velez Artist Statement

Marina Velez is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cambridge, UK.

Marina’s work is concerned with issues surrounding people’s behaviour and how they influence their environment. She is also interested in visual information and how it is communicated and she regularly uses photography and film in the expanded field to explore these.

Marina draws from other disciplines such as anthropology, psychology and environmental sciences to inform her practice.  She has also collaborated in many occasions with astronomers, physicists and scientists working in the field of vision as well as with other artists.

Marina’s practice hopes to critically address the cross-over of genres and to look at the image as an aesthetic object that can be used as an indexical tool. Ultimately, through her practice Marina hopes to address the complex and forever shifting process of looking by exploring the image as a means through which a specific game of projecting-excluding-resisting-displacing can be performed and contemplated intellectually.

Website: www.marinavelez.com

Sustainability Residency website: http://beyond7000.com/


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